Tucker could be a supermodel. Really, he is gorgeous and he loves to pose for the camera…unless there’s something more exciting going on! If you meow, he’ll look at you and give a little head tilt, like in the picture to the left. It’s just a little one, but boy does it melt my heart!
Tucker is only a year or two old. The shelter estimated him to be two years old, however we are thinking he may only be a year old because he’s tall and lanky and has perfect white teeth. He is a darling dog, and very friendly! As I mentioned in my previous post, he and Stella became best friends after less than one day together. They love to wrestle and chase each other around.

It is going to be really good for Stella to have Tucker around – she really needed a buddy to play with. My Nelly tends to be a bit of a brat and refuses to play with Stella. My last foster dog, Dallas, would not play with her either.
When it comes to Border Collies, they don’t really hit maturity until about 4 years old. Until then, they’re usually pretty crazy and need a lot of attention. Tucker is no different. He is a busy boy, always wanting something to do. I’ve already found that he loves Kongs and bones, so those are going to be used daily at our house to keep him occupied! The nice thing about Tucker is that unlike some Border Collies, he does know how to settle down. After he’s gotten his crazies out, he’ll lie down and nap. I leave him and Stella out in the yard for a few hours each morning, so they can run and play and get out all their energy.

Tucker does need a home without chickens. He seemed to do okay around my hens, so I let him off leash in their yard. That’s when he decided to tackle one of the girls and pull out a mouthful of feathers. Poor chicken! She’s okay, she was just a bit shook up after that happened. He also likes to jump up on people – lightly – and put his paws up on things, such as the kitchen counter. He’s simply curious about what’s up there. These are the only bad habits that I have noticed in him so far, overall he seems to be a very kind, gentle, well-mannered dog. I am hoping he finds a home soon…although to be honest, I’d rather little Stella get adopted first. She’s been looking for a home much longer than he has.

8 thoughts on “Tucker

  1. Very sweet boy! I love how much energy border collies have. Any opportunity I have to foster one, I take because it keeps me very active, and I love finding new ways to keep them occupied and worn out. Unfortunately, they are the most common dog people return to our rescue. It makes me so sad to see people unwilling to work with these amazing dogs, and they have made a special place in my heart!

      • Yes. We are always careful to give them homes with very active people and no young kids!

      • Definitely no young kids. Sooo many Border Collies are given up because they have bitten children, usually because of herding. My Nelly has bitten almost every child she’s come in contact with, so she’s not allowed around ANY children. I have only adopted out 2 Border Collies to families with young kids, and both of these BC’s were obvious mixes.

  2. I grew up with a border collie springer spaniel mix – best dog in the world. I hope they find loving homes soon!

    xo Rachel

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